AC2030-2 oil shock absorber for robot arm

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AC2030-2 oil shock absorber for robot arm

Product Abstract:

Oil shock absorber for robot arm adopt Taiwan technology with high quality

Product Description

Advantages of our oil shock absorber 

1, We are a direct factory that manufacture oil shock absorber for robot 

2, Our technical Team from Taiwan Technology

3,If you cooperate with us, Without any worry about  quality ,Our shock absorber have  Two years warranty,We are very confidence with our quality,

4, We can accept the production according to customers requirement.OEM&ODM accepted

5, Sample order & small quantity order is ok


Specification of model AC2030-2




1).It is of self-regulation function pressure and keep a soft shock absorbing effect with the variety of the impact velocity and weight

2).The spring can make the piston diaplasis fastly with the perfect movement of the clapped valve

3).Adapting hard chrome plated piston rod and special sealing element i can have a long and stable efficiency

4).It can be fixed adopting orientation stop screw cap,setting nut,retaining plate etc.

5).The customized components also can be manufactured



1.Reduce noise ,Provide a quiet environment

2.Eliminate the vibration and the damage of impact.

3.Improve the action frequency of machine, improve the capacity of production.

4.Improve the production efficiency, create the performance products

5.Extending the Mechanical life


How to use

1)Aggregate weight of the moving parts.

2).Direction of movement(horizontal, free fall, rotation,etc

3).The number of impact per minute.

4).Speed of short time impact. 



Our oil shokc absorber be widely used for hydraulic cylinder, robot arm , screen printing machine , rotaty cylinder , rodless cylinder, and also be used in many industry equipment. 

1).Keep the safety of mechanical parts, if resolve ,prohibit to use.

2).When use AD ,AC series, Must stop before 1 mm travel.

3).Not allow to paint at tube teeth and axis.

4).Install more than two shock absorber in a side , pls confirm the synchronization.

5).When assemble, pls noted that the intensity of fix plate and the eccentric angle can not bigger than 2


Welcome to select our oil shock absorber and to be our agent 

Our oil shock absorber have competitive price and high quality 


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