AC1412-SN widely used in the printing machine and the top of the machine

1, to eliminate non-mechanical movement of the shock and collision damage and other impact
2, a significant reduction in noise, providing a quiet working environment
3, to accelerate the mechanical action frequency, increase production capacity
4, high efficiency, the production of high quality products
5, to extend the mechanical life, reduce after-sales service
Hydraulic Buffer Conditions of Use:
1, the direction of movement (horizontal, free fall, rotation, etc.)
2, the combination of sports weight.
3, additional propulsion (gas, hydraulic cylinder, motor.)
4, instantaneous impact speed
5, the number of impact per hour
6, the same side of the installation count
Precautions for use:
1, 1mm stop before the effective stroke
2, the axis may not have attached and damaged
3, pay attention to the strength of the buffer fixed plate
4, pay attention to the collision object to the head of the eccentric angle of not more than 2 degrees


oil buffer                              hydraulic shock absorber                                   pneumatic cylinder

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