Advantages and Uses of Air Induced Check Valve

Air-induced check valve with pressure to maintain the safety circuit to prevent the cylinder after the self-stopping phenomenon, the cylinder instantly stop positioning accuracy, special circuit design applications and other functions. Smooth and quiet with the smallest force to stop or change the direction of movement of the work piece, not only can improve the production capacity, extend the mechanical life, and can reduce the vibration noise, while the production line machinery and operator safety can also be guaranteed. Applicable to all kinds of automated machinery and equipment, high quality and durable. Can be a long time continuous and stable control, the return journey with spring. The use of completely sealed structure does not leak oil, and with dust effect, suitable for a variety of special environment. The use of the hydraulic oil viscosity in the temperature change is still quite stable, so the steady speed function particularly strong. Small size, easy to install, suitable for manipulator, pneumatic cylinder automation machinery, speed drilling machine, grinding machine, cutting machine


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