Avoid consuming the engine power

The resistance moment of the hydraulic shock absorber is proportional to the square of the rotor speed. With the increase in the speed of the car, the braking force of the car is also increased by the square relationship of the rotor speed. When the car is running at different speeds, the braking force of the car changes with the speed of the vehicle. When the car travels at different speeds, the lower the transmission gear, the greater the transmission ratio, the more remarkable the effect of the hydraulic brake, The lower the speed. The hydraulic retarder is mainly used to provide the vehicle downhill when used. When the vehicle is running normally, the oil in the hydraulic retarder should be drained to avoid consuming the engine power. The hydraulic shock absorbers often share an oil pump with the hydraulic torque converter. In order to ensure that the hydraulic retarder is oil-fast and can ensure that the oil has sufficient cycle strength during operation, the hydraulic retarder Hydraulic torque converter of the oil cycle is suspended, so that the pump for hydraulic retarder oil


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