Buffer hydraulic shock absorber device is widely used in large vertical mill building materials machinery and equipment

Hydraulic shock absorber devices, also known as hydraulic torque, are widely used in large vertical mill building materials machinery and equipment. Its main function is smooth and vertical mill pressure frame torque, reduce vibration, affect the rolling mill operation process, improve the operating grinder and grinding effect of the balance characteristics. Here the author simply for everyone to explain the installation and application of hydraulic shock absorber:
1, the installation of the hydraulic shock absorber hydraulic torque support position before the flange and connect to other areas should be 0.5 mm in the shaft and shaft.
2, fool the hydraulic buffer In this process, if you need to test the internal stress state of the hydraulic torque support device, you will need to start testing the pressure point test. It is recommended that the user use a special test pressure hose assembly test.
3, the hydraulic torque support equipment, temperature control recommended the use of forced cooling, cooling water from beginning to end need to connect.
4, in the hydraulic torque support equipment preloading process, need to ensure that the same axis indenter and guidance equipment.
5, hydraulic torque support equipment including hydraulic oil and nitrogen, installation and removal should be professional and technical personnel, thank you.
The hydraulic cushioning technology, which includes raw materials for cement production, is a larger manufacturer that produces a vertical mill that is primarily used to cushion the roll radial force in the process of forming a cushioning device


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