Buffer sales manufacturers put forward the principle of hydraulic shock absorber and what kind of building

Principle of Buffer Hydraulic Shock Absorber Structure Analysis
What is the principle and construction of hydraulic shock absorbers?
The principle and structure of hydraulic shock absorber:
All CEC hydraulic buffers are used to explain the principle of the buffer. When hit, the piston rod moves, forcing the hydraulic oil through the oil hole into the battery, resulting in resistance.
Through the design and testing of the oil hole size and arrangement, the effect of the course, the internal pressure in the cylinder pressure, always maintain a certain fixed size of the buffer is a force, called linear deceleration. With the linear deceleration process, the CEC hydraulic buffering motion workpiece can be smooth and quietly with the smallest force that will stop moving the parts. At the end of the shock, reset the spring piston rod and return to the starting position, waiting for the next effect.



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