Construction machinery in the hydraulic system maintenance coup

Hydraulic system is a very important part of many construction machinery inside, for the maintenance of hydraulic system will have a direct impact on the characteristics of the crane function. Therefore, if not according to the requirements of the operation and maintenance, not only can not let the hydraulic system to play the desired features, but also may shorten its use period. The following is the construction machinery hydraulic system maintenance coup: Before using the construction machinery, should be from the tank level window view, clear hydraulic oil is not required according to the specification to add sufficient, if the liquid surface in the specified scale below the line, then you need to add Oil. When adding oil, it must be added through the refueling filter, and it is necessary to pay attention to it, and it is not possible to mix inexplicable substances such as oil and water.
The filter element of the oil filter unit should be inspected for inspection after 250 hours of operation and need to be cleaned or replaced if necessary.

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