For vertically mounted planetary reducers

Planetary servo reducer top sales manufacturers proposed in the planetary reducer into the recommended model and the value of the grease. Planetary gears are lubricated with lubricants. For vertically mounted planetary reducers, additional lubricating measures are used in view of the fact that lubricating oil may not guarantee reliable lubrication of the uppermost bearing.
Before running, in the planetary reducer into the amount of lubricants, lubricating oil viscosity according to the following list of choice. Planetary reducers are usually equipped with oil fill holes and drain plugs. Therefore, when ordering a planetary reducer must specify the installation location. The following table lists the brands and models of lubricants recommended for general applications.
Note: For non-routine operating conditions, consult the manufacturer's comments.
Working oil temperature can not exceed 80 ℃.
Lifetime lubrication of the combined planetary reducer at the factory filled with synthetic oil, in addition, the planetary reducer is usually supplied without lubricating oil, and with oil sump and oil drain plug. The number of planetary gears listed in this sample is only an estimate.

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