From the piston on both sides of the alternate gas supply in one or two directions after the output force

Factory use of single-acting cylinder: only one end of the piston rod, from the piston side of the gas supply gas can produce gas pressure, air pressure push the piston to produce thrust thrust, by spring or weight return. Double acting cylinder: alternating from both sides of the piston gas, One or two directional output., Diaphragm cylinder: replace the piston with a diaphragm, only in one direction output force, with a spring reset. Its sealing performance is good, but the stroke is short. Impact cylinder: This is a new type of components It converts the pressure of the compressed gas into the kinetic energy of the piston at high speed (10 to 20 m / s), and the impact cylinder increases the middle cover with the spout and the bleeder. The middle cover and the piston divide the cylinder into It is widely used in cutting, punching, crushing and forming, etc. It is called the swing cylinder, which divides the cavity into two by the blade, Alternating air supply, the output shaft for swing movement, swing angle is less than 280 degrees. In addition, there are rotary cylinder, gas-liquid damping cylinder and stepping cylinder.


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