How to let the car use longer

In order to make the process of driving a car more comfortable, R & D personnel in a variety of ways to improve the performance of the car, it becomes more comfortable. One of the most important ways is to use the shock absorber, reduce the car's vibration, so that driving and ride to become more comfortable, car performance is more superior, reliability and security has improved. Shock absorbers can protect the performance of the car. Automotive shock absorbers are often called shock-proof spring protection aprons, spring buffers, etc., in fact, is a modest round rubber block objects. According to the gap between the car spring spacing, the size of the thickness and the diameter is not the same, it can be divided into different models. The shock absorber can absorb the noise from the road surface to the shock absorber, which is very effective in handling the weak spring of the shock absorber and reducing the characteristics of the shock absorber. In addition, the aging of the car installed after the shock absorber, the car's chassis can be raised 2 to 5 cm, to maintain the shock absorber and suspension system to prevent the shock absorber core oil spill, so that the use of the car Become more long.

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