Improve efficiency and increase productivity

With the development of industrial automation, Oil buffer can make the machine improve the efficiency and increase the production capacity, so that the life of the machine can be reduced to reduce the maintenance cost, so that the mechanical stability of the maintenance of product quality, so that the machine for more secure, this issue. Install ky buffer, the moving objects generated by the kinetic energy generated by the energy into heat and release in the atmosphere, greatly reducing the automation machinery as can reduce the vibration and noise, improve efficiency and increase production capacity to extend the life of the machine to reduce maintenance costs, to ensure that the mechanical Stability, while improving the working environment, to protect the health of employees, improve the efficiency of staff, increase the competitive advantage of enterprises. The same time as

1. After testing for 30,000 consecutive months, there is no leakage.
2. To eliminate the shock of non-mechanical movement and collision damage. The same time as
3. Significantly reduce noise and provide a quiet working environment. The same time as
4. Accelerate the frequency of mechanical action, increase production capacity
5. High-quality production of high-quality products. The same time as
6. To extend the mechanical life, reduce after-sales service.


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