Information - Hydraulic Buffer Piston consists of two piston bodies

Hydraulic buffer sales manufacturers have a lot of features, there are many types of its type. Miniaturization, integration: limited space requirements Pneumatic components as small as possible, miniaturization is the main trend of development. Now the minimum cylinder diameter is only f2.5, and the preparation of the switch; solenoid valve width of only 10mm, the effective cross-sectional area of ​​5mm2; interface f4 pressure relief valve has also been developed. According to the survey, the demand for miniaturized components doubled every five years. The integration of the valve not only will be a few valves together, but also contains the sensor, programmable controller and other functions. The purpose of integration is not only to save space, but also conducive to the installation, maintenance and reliability of the work. Combination, intelligent: the simplest component combination is with a valve, with a switch cylinder. In the material handling, a combination of a cylinder, a swing cylinder, a pneumatic chuck and a vacuum chuck has been used; and a combination of moving small pieces is a combination of two cylinders of the belt guide, respectively, by X and Y Made with solenoid valve, programmable controller, compact structure, small footprint, adjustable travel. Japan's precision valve with a sensor and logic circuit, is a combination of pneumatic and optoelectronic technology. No external actuator is required to directly read the sensor signal and judged by the logic loop to determine the operation of the intelligent valve and subsequent actuators. Development function module has been more than 10 years of history, is now constantly improving. These versatile modules can be combined in a variety of ways to achieve different mechanical functions, economical, practical and convenient

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