Main Functions

TJS oil shock absorber main functions are the following: to eliminate non-mechanical movement needs of the shock and collision-like damage; amplitude to reduce noise, providing a quiet working environment; Frequency, increase production capacity; high efficiency, production of high-quality products; extend the service life, reduce after-sales service.

The company's products Scope: robot, remove the arm, feeding equipment, printing machines, conveyors, screen printing machine, transport machinery, Machinery, laboratory equipment, machine tools, food packaging machinery, rubber and plastics machinery; steam locomotive manufacturing, carpentry, construction machinery, air transport industry; national defense military equipment, medical and health equipment, environmental protection equipment.


Excellence Machinery Technology Zhanghua  Co., Ltd. is a specialized research and development, manufacturing industry with buffer products company, products include TJS hydraulic buffer, precision transmission, air-induced check valve, planetary servo reducer. Products are widely used in industrial areas. Since the establishment in 1987 to date, marketing around the world,


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