Oil shock absorber is very important in Automated mechanical work

The hydraulic shock absorber can reduce the vibration and noise in the automation machinery, convert the kinetic energy generated by the moving object into heat energy and release it in the atmosphere, stop the object effectively in the action; make the machine increase the efficiency and increase the production capacity, Maintain machine life to reduce maintenance costs. If the oil buffer is less, our equipment life will be reduced. If you are a front-line employee, spend every day with harsh noise for 8 hours, go hand in hand, and it is also "never betray". The expert layer to test a long life in the noise of life than the normal life of the people short of 1/3, see the test results if your boss has not been terrible data crazy, you must pester He makes him crazy than you first. If the oil buffer suddenly disappeared in this world, can not imagine! Especially in the world where we have become accustomed to the existence of hydraulic buffer, do not underestimate your equipment under a hydraulic buffer, please all visionary boss, be sure to make your buyers good oil The purchase of the buffer


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