The AD series can adjust the pressure

The AD series is an oil pressure regulator that adjusts the initial pressure, and the greater the scale of the buffer, the greater the pressure of its initial movement. (The advantage of this function is that it can be set in a certain pressure to not part of the action function to prevent the occurrence of malfunction

The And it is suitable for manual adjustment when the installation size is constant and the pressure is adjusted according to different use situation! )
Its structure consists of a pressure-operated pressure relief valve and a position-controlled flow valve that converts the energy acting on the piston rod into oil. Can automatically adapt to various buffer requirements within the allowable energy limits
The The built-in compression spring returns the piston rod to its original position. This structure can be more stable and more effective absorption of the impact of consumption, reduce vibration, reduce the impact of the buffer and installation machinery damage, increase product life, and reduce the number of routine maintenance. Significant savings in production costs!
Buffer advantages and scope of application:

1. The use of completely sealed structure of the oil-free, and has a dust effect, suitable for a variety of special environment.

2. The use of the hydraulic oil viscosity of the temperature change is still quite stable, to help stabilize the function particularly strong.

3. Small size, easy to install, suitable for manipulator, cylinder automatic machinery, speed drilling machine, grinding machine, cutting machine.


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