The product is equipped with an oil filler plug and an oil drain plug.

The  planetary reducer is usually supplied with no lubricating oil and with an oil filler plug and an oil drain plug. The number of planetary gear units listed in this sample is only an estimate. According to the installation location specified at the time of installation, the position of the oil level plug is set to ensure proper oiling. The oiling amount of the reducer should be determined according to the different installation methods. If the transmission power exceeds the heat capacity of the gear unit, an external cooling device must be provided.
Planetary reducer, including single-stage, two-stage and three-stage drive, including 12 base, 27 models, 58 speed ratio, can be composed of 498 different specifications of the reducer.
The reducer is mainly used for metallurgy, mining, lifting transport, petrochemical, coal energy, cement building materials, engineering materials, engineering and construction industries. Can also be used for light industry and textile, water conservancy and hydropower and other departments for deceleration or speed drive.
Reducer gear transmission peripheral speed of not more than 10 m / s. Input shaft speed is not higher than 1500 r / min. Reducer working environment temperature -40 ℃ - +45 ℃. Reducer can be used for positive and secondary operation. 


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