When is it time to replace them

Shock absorbers last a long time, but they tend to degrade slowly throughout their life. So when is it time to replace them?

  • In some cases, a seal will rupture. A shock covered in oil is a good indication that it has failed.
  • The age-old test of bouncing on a fender is really only a rough guide as to whether your vehicle needs new shocks.
  • Usually the slow degradation in your shock absorber’s performance won’t be noticed until it affects handling fairly dramatically.
  • Depending on how rough your roads are, modern shocks can last 80,000-100,000 miles, but remember that a shock with 60,000 miles on it won’t perform as well as a new one.

 Tested on a shock machine, but to do so requires them to be taken off the car. With labor rates what they are, if your mechanic already has the old shocks off, it makes sense to replace them with new ones.

Replacing worn-out shocks can revitalize the handling of a vehicle, returning much of the crispness it had when new. When combined with a new set of tires, new shocks can transform a high-mileage vehicle with sloppy handling and a bouncy ride.


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